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About us.

MediTrust is an Australian owned Anaesthetic software and services company and has been helping Anaesthetists since 2005. MediTrust's software has been developed working side by side with Anaesthetists and continues to work with Anaesthetists and groups today. MediTrust has revolutionised Anaesthetic practice management incorporating an interactive Anaesthetic calendar integrated with our Preoperative and Accounts modules making MediTrust the first choice for Australian Anaesthetists and their support staff. All software and intellectual property is developed in Melbourne and supported by MediTrust in Melbourne.

Our team


Meet Peter

Business Development Executive

Peter's background is in the IT software and services industry covering telecommunications, insurance, superannuation and credit card processing. His role with MediTrust incorporates business planning, marketing, sales and account management.


Meet Teresa

Practice Manager\Trainer

Teresa is responsible for making the day to day operations run smoothly. Her background is in office management and customer support. Her focus is on making sure patients and Anaesthetists have a positive experience with MediTrust.


Meet Hayden

Software Architect\Developer

Hayden is responsible for the MediTrust technology. His role is in technical design and development of the MediTrust software. His background is in running large complex software projects with some of the largest consulting firms (Deloittes and Arthur Andersen) and implementing the solutions into complex business environments.


Meet Julianne

IFC, Account Management and Trainer

Julianne is responsible for customer service care and patient account management. Her background is in medical administration and customer management. She assists patients over the phone with providing their preoperative information. She assists Anaesthetists with account processing and management. She also works within the training team.


Meet Jessie

IFC and Account Management

Jessie provides Premium IFC and processes accounts. Her daily duties include ensuring that patients receive their preoperative information, accounts management, account generation, daily management of accounts and liaising with Medicare and the various health funds.


Meet Mark


Mark is part of the MediTrust development team. His role is in software development and technical support of the MediTrust software. His background is in software engineering with many years of software design and IT innovation within the Civil Service.


Meet Vanessa

IFC and Account Management

Vanessa is responsible for accounts and assisting with Premium IFC as required. Her background is in office administration and data processing. Her daily duties include processing doctor accounts and ensuring that patients receive their preoperative information.


Meet Marek

Graphic Designer

Marek is responsible for the design and production of MediTrust's sales and marketing material. His role is in graphic and web design as well as video production and photography. His background is with various creative and corporate agencies and studios extending over the last 20 years in Australia, UK and USA.


Meet Hannah

IFC and Account Management

Hannah is responsible for customer service care and assisting with patient accounts. Hannah provides preoperative information to patients and processes accounts. Her daily duties include providing Premium IFC and account generation.

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