Software that's easy to use with rich functionality
Software overview

Easy to use. Rich functionality.

Administration staff and Anaesthetists love to use MediTrust. Well thought out software means an intuitive system that is logical and easy to use. Clever tools save time and improve efficiency. MediTrust keeps life simple.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler ..."

Albert Einstein

Cloud computing. web based software.

MediTrust is true cloud and web-based computing.

Works anywhere

Access via any modern internet browser on your favourite device (Mac, Windows or Mobile - we don't mind!)

No updates or downloads

MediTrust is a download free zone. No installation required, ever.

Hassle free IT

No stress managing internal servers. No additional IT costs.

"Since moving over to Meditrust we have not looked back..."

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MediTrust Powering Individuals and Groups

Powering large Groups - empowering individuals

Supporting Anaesthetists since 2005, MediTrust is the first choice for individuals and Anaesthetic groups large and small.

Always at the forefront of software technology, MediTrust was the first web based product in the industry. Our software is tried and tested and loved by Anaesthetists and staff.

Better practice results

Users are achieving amazing results with MediTrust.

Practice debt diminishes, Anaesthetist income levels increase, staff efficiency improves. All this underpinned by a new level of shared transparency for everyone.

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MediTrust Powering Individuals and Groups

"Staff found that the MediTrust system was easily mastered .."

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MediTrust Powering Individuals and Groups

Exceptional software support. Free and Unlimited.

At MediTrust we see our clients as business partners. We go out of our way to ensure users know MediTrust is a company they can depend on for support.

Whether it's a quick webinar refresher on functionality, trouble shooting a Medicare claim, or just acting as a soundboard, no query is too small. MediTrust is always available for users and committed to being reliable.

Safe. Secure. Protected.

Your information is safe with MediTrust. Our servers are hosted safely in locations across Melbourne ensuring protection under Australian privacy laws.

Our highly qualified developers have put in place the highest levels of redundancy, hourly backups of data to remote servers and security similar to your online banking security. Security in the cloud is easy with MediTrust.

MediTrust Powering Individuals and Groups

Many Helpful third party Integrations.


Medicare, Health Funds, DVA, Workcover & More!

MediTrust interfaces with Services Australia (Eclipse) to get accounts paid fast.

Direct Banking Connection

MediTrust connects directly to major banks for credit card and Bpay facilities. This avoids additional fees from using other high cost payment solution providers.

Hassle free interfaces

All the MediTrust integrations are designed to be hassle free to save time and money for our users.

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