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We pride ourselves on our happy clients. MediTrust happiness is achieved through quality software, and our exceptional customer service and dedication. Every day, hundreds of Anaesthetists and their staff are happily using MediTrust as individuals and in groups all around Australia. And we feel privileged to have such happy clients.
Software overview

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Client testimonials and case studies

Please read some of our client feedback and group case studies below:
  • Dr Michael Mersiades

    As a busy anaesthetist, up to date information is essential. The visual aspect of the calendar makes it easy to use and follow the progression of my cases from IFC through to paid accounts. The MediTrust interface is brilliant and I am impressed with the inbuilt pre-operative questionnaire which automates patient responses to my email. I am an advocate of utilising all aspects of the software in the future as our business progresses.

    Dr Michael Mersiades Sydney Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Antonio Grossi

    MediTrust has facilitated a major operational change at VAG. Introducing change in any organisation can be difficult. The traditional anaesthetic groups have particular challenges. The membership is often varied in terms of age, maturity of practice, spectrum of clinical practice, information technology awareness, adaptation and skills. MediTrust was able to take these factors into account to develop and implement a system that works for everyone.

    Dr Antonio Grossi Victorian Anaesthetic Group
  • Emma Johnson

    The debt collection process is a breeze. The built in alert system means we are notified on a daily basis of an outstanding account. The decrease in our outstanding debts has been significant. We currently have on average less than 2 outstanding accounts over 30 days per Anaesthetist... Since moving over to MediTrust we have not looked back...

    Emma Johnson, Practice manager St Andrew's Anaesthesia Group
  • Dr Trish Matthews

    MediTrust's main advantages for us are the intuitive, user-friendly nature of the programme, it's reliability (no down-time) and the willingness of the MediTrust staff to discuss and implement changes which we have requested. It offers an easy combination of electronic diary, IFC provision and billing program. It has made a big change to ease of IFC provision and enables us to easily see whether IFC has been created and responded to prior to surgery.

    Dr Trish Matthews, Chair of St Andrew's Anaesthesia St Andrew's Anaesthesia Group