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We pride ourselves on our happy clients. MediTrust happiness is achieved through quality software, and our exceptional customer service and dedication. Every day, hundreds of Anaesthetists and their staff are happily using MediTrust as individuals and in groups all around Australia. And we feel privileged to have such happy clients.
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Client testimonials and case studies

Please read some of our client feedback and group case studies below:
  • Mary-Anne Burgess

    The introduction of new software is always faced with some trepidation within the work place. However, despite initial concerns, staff found that the MediTrust system was easily mastered and the overall effect was very positive. MediTrust provided excellent and thorough staff training and most importantly continue to provide immediate support whenever requested ... Members have the ability to access their own patient account details and can compile their own personalised account reports which has virtually eliminated the amount of time previously spent by staff needing to respond to the members' report requests.

    Mary-Anne Burgess, Practice Manager Victorian Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr John Ellingham

    We have found Meditrust to be a reliable platform that allows everyone to see what is happening across the practice at will. Transparency in information flow has translated to improved patient management and also to better financial practices. Meditrust gives our staff firm direction in billing practice but also allows flexibility and for our doctors who can easily assume responsibility for their billing according to their needs and wishes. We have been impressed with the "can do" attitude of the Meditrust team and how they have worked with our doctors and staff to improve our unique perioperative assessment and billing systems.

    Dr John Ellingham, Chairman ACT Anaesthesia
  • Dr Antonio Grossi

    MediTrust has facilitated a major operational change at VAG. Introducing change in any organisation can be difficult. The traditional anaesthetic groups have particular challenges. The membership is often varied in terms of age, maturity of practice, spectrum of clinical practice, information technology awareness, adaptation and skills. MediTrust was able to take these factors into account to develop and implement a system that works for everyone.

    Dr Antonio Grossi Victorian Anaesthetic Group
  • Darcy Row

    In the year since our office started using MediTrust, our office has become much more efficient and modern. We now email all estimates to patients and have majority of our doctors creating their own accounts, leaving office staff to focus on making the perioperative process as smooth as possible. We have also seen our level of overdue accounts fall, as we are much better able to see all overdue accounts and remind patients of overdue payments.

    Darcy Row, Office Coordinator ACT Anaesthesia
  • Emma Johnson

    The debt collection process is a breeze. The built in alert system means we are notified on a daily basis of an outstanding account. The decrease in our outstanding debts has been significant. We currently have on average less than 2 outstanding accounts over 30 days per Anaesthetist... Since moving over to MediTrust we have not looked back...

    Emma Johnson, Practice manager St Andrew's Anaesthesia Group
  • Dr Trish Matthews

    MediTrust's main advantages for us are the intuitive, user-friendly nature of the programme, it's reliability (no down-time) and the willingness of the MediTrust staff to discuss and implement changes which we have requested. It offers an easy combination of electronic diary, IFC provision and billing program. It has made a big change to ease of IFC provision and enables us to easily see whether IFC has been created and responded to prior to surgery.

    Dr Trish Matthews, Chair of St Andrew's Anaesthesia St Andrew's Anaesthesia Group
  • Dan Du Preez

    Our team found MediTrust's staff to be proficient, friendly and remarkably proactive in their response to our requests for reporting modifications within a notably short timeframe. This greatly assisted us in achieving a successful and smooth transition to the new platform. After a successful trial period, we therefore decided to implement the MediTrust solution for all our existing and new clients on a permanent basis, effective August 2014.

    Dan Du Preez, Director APM-A
  •  Dr Rick Bulach

    Since contracting MediTrust to look after my billing and invoice management I continue to be impressed with their diligence, patience and timeliness, in particular with respect to my mistakes, difficult accounts and naiive questions. They continue to make my administrative life easier! A very good thing.

    Dr Rick Bulach Independent Anaesthetist

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